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Our IT services and product offerings naturally go hand and hand with each other which is where we've built our expertise for the last 13 plus years. From an execution standpoint, we want you to know that we have the skillset and expertise to complete your requirements on time, under budget, and with excellent workmanship. We are a small organization to stay nimble, but we are not afraid to take on large sized project needs with the same level of excellence we do for our smaller projects.


We've done work globally and implemented and supported solutions that spanned 70+ countries for large organizations. Some of these organizations are listed to the right.

Software as a Service

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Cloud Based Applications

Moving with the industry has meant that we've adopted the model of putting our products on "The Cloud". What that means to you is business as usual, but behind the scenes, you'll have so many more options to save money, time, and internal resources.


Business Software

From creating custom web reports from multiple sources to automating and simplifying data entry, we've had plenty of exposure and experience in the fields of Treasury, Finance, Accounting, and Supply Chain. 

Engineering Software

Creating applications to read, capture, store your sensor data and apply filters and noise reduction for playback is something we've done for both the Oil and Gas industry as well as the Avionics industry.


Insurance Consultation

Real World Experience

From documentation and requirements gathering to strategy, our seasoned team of verterans with real world and department specific experience can help you get where you need to go.


IT Consulting


Over 75 man years of experience has been brought under one roof with our team and we've seen technologies come and go (and come back!) and how to successfully implement the correct technologies at the correct time for you.


Treasury Consulting


Our staff has over 50 years of experience in Treasury and Treasury based solutions including real world experience in the largest global organizations. 


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Finding IT Professionals and Engineers that meet your needs and expertise.

As a company that has been doing project based work for over a decade in the O&G industry, we've come to cultivate and have an eye for talent along the way. 

Our Happy Clients

"Add a testimonial that a happy customer or client has said about working with you."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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